Bungee jumping world’s highest in Macau

In search of the ultimate adrenaline rush, Macau Tower stands out in the list for offering the highest bungee jump from a building in the world. You can jump off the 61th floor, 233m high from the ground.

Macau Tower

Here’s the thing about bungee jumping for me: it is almost all about the split of a second where your feet leave solid ground and step into the air. The fall is obviously amazing and great fun, but for me it is that short moment that matters the most.

As you move your feet forward into the nothingness, your body and mind are somewhat confused about what and why you are doing what you are doing. Because when you jump, your body expects something to land on, but there just isn’t in this case. Air is obviously a fluid that does not have the properties to hold your body, so your legs fall, and the rest of your body goes down with them. It is strange.

It is a very strange feeling, if not the strangest of all. And it’s an explosion of adrenaline in your system, a pleasure of the highest order. And you struggle to take it all in before it’s over, and then you find yourself just falling. You fall towards Earth. The wind passive-aggressively caresses the shape of your body, and you find yourself smiling at life.

Finally, it’s all over way too soon, and you bounce back up to enjoy a slower, less frantic fall until you finally stop and step on the ground.

The show is over and you would give everything to rewind those 6 seconds forever in a loop. Or, start planning a trip to the next highest jump, wherever that may be!

The first jump is expensive (the full package goes up to 3,988 HKD, but there are discounts available on third-party websites), and then for the following jumps there’s an ever-increasing discount, the 4th one being free.

Although I am trying to stick to a low budget, I knew before the trip that this was the right time to do this, and put some money aside just for this. I first got to know about this jump back in 2011 when I was traveling in China, and the prices have not changed ever since, so I decided I would do it the next time I was traveling around the region.

A cheap return ticket from Hong Kong to Macau by boat costs between 280 and 330 HKD with TurboJet, depending on the time.

Macau Tower sticker

Besides this unique experience, the country and city of Macau has a lot more to offer. It is composed of a peninsula and an island. The latter is divided into three main regions: Taipa (residential), Cotai (where the largest casinos in the world stand) and the countryside of Coloane in the southern island (“Coloane is still chill”, wrote CNN Travel); which I hope to talk about in my next post!

Have you ever bungee jumped? Where? How was it? 🙂

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